3 Tips on How to OWN Your Shit at the Gym

The gym can be quite an intimidating place….for anyone! Not just new people. Anytime I head in to a new gym, my walls go up. It’s a new atmosphere, new people, different equipment, and overall just a different feel. It’s not “home”.

I have 3 tips I use personally to bring those walls down to be able to own your shit when you walk in to a new gym:

#1 – Walk and move with confidence. What does this look like? You keep your eyes up (not to the floor), you focus in on the movement you are doing (not worrying about what people are thinking about what you are doing), and you stand tall (posture speaks volumes).

Channel your inner Beyonce and get after your training session. If you’re not feeling confident?Walk in to the gym be like... Fake it until you make it… move with confidence, talk with confidence, and then….BE CONFIDENT. When you stand tall, shoulders pulled back, and eyes up you are saying to the world… I am proud of who I am. When the eyes shoot down, the shoulders roll forward, and the posture is slumped over that speaks loudly that you don’t feel worthy.

People should be graced with your eye contact. Confidence is contagious and maybe you’ll inspire someone who isn’t feeling to hot about themselves that day to also change their demeanor.

#2 – Speak firmly but polite. For example…. there is a large, scary looking guy who appears to eat medal for breakfast and tires for lunch on the deadlift platform you need to use. Go up in between a set and ask how many sets he has left like this: “Excuse me, how many sets do you have left?”¬†

NOT LIKE THIS: “ummm hi…I was wondering…uh… well….I wanted to know how many sets you had left? No rush. I was just wondering. I may not even use it today…I just wanted to know because if you’ll be here for a bit I’ll just go do something else. Or not. Whatever. Ummm ok. Never mind. You’re busy. I’ll just go do something else.”

#3 – Leave comparison at the door.¬†Comparison is NOT invited to the lifting party. There are all different kinds of body types, training styles, and personalities at the gym. Some desirable, some not. When you step foot in the door, comparison gets left outside to wait. You are strong. You are capable. You are YOU. Everyone has a different training history and background so there simply just isn’t any room for comparing.

It will take away from your training session, cause you to do things that you normally wouldn’t because you think people are going to care, and it just makes you feel bad. Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Walk in to the room like the badass babe that you are and own it. When you believe that you are confident and capable in the weight room… people will notice that. When you believe that you shouldn’t be in the weight room because you aren’t pretty, fit, lean, strong, competent, ENOUGH…then people will notice that.

It’s up to you to decide how you want people to view you. It’s none of your business what they think of you but it is your business on how you want to present yourself.