5 BEST Approaches to Fitness in 2016

32 hours in a chair + 2,960 miles traveled = Exponential amount of information obtained.

Simplified version: Education = life.

I am a big fan of continuing to learn past my formal education years. March 19th-21st I attended the Strength Matters Summit in sunny San Diego!

Instead of bombarding you with the longest post in the world, I have narrowed down my list to the 5 BEST approaches (in no specific order) to fitness in 2016:


“What are the 3 things that give you the bulk?” – Dan John

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There are TONS of ways to approach things such as fat loss. But what Dan is getting here is what are the three approaches that are going to give you the bulk of your results.

When you know that, it becomes easier to have a clearer vision of what to do. This just isn’t in fat loss, it applies to just about everything. Relationships, training, jobs, athletics, etc.

There is no need to over complicate things. There is always going to be more that we can do but if we start with the 3 that will offer the bulk of the results, why not start there??

This correlates nicely with the brilliance in the basics. When you can master the 3 things that will give you the bulk of the results the possibilities for your results are limitless. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. It just needs to be sustainable!

“Even in the face of truth, you hang on to a self-image. You don’t want to stray too far from where you are.” – David Whitley (The Iron Tamer/ Strongman performer)

Continue to be inspired by Dave

This topic I could talk for days on but for brevity I’ll sum it up. Reasons why we don’t go after big goals or goals that seem way bigger than us has to do with the fact that our sub-conscious wants to stay attached to our current self image.

Change is hard right? You may make small steps away from where you currently are but you tend to go right back to where you started.


You need to think bigger. You need to get scared shitless. You need to get that uneasy feeling in your gut that excites you. Imagine the things you could get after with that mentality. The more terrified you are, the more growth you are going to have.

“Humans’ physiology is not at the same level as the speed of technology and just about everything else in the world.” – James Fitzgerald (OPEX Founder)

James’s Website

This blew my mind when he repeated this a few times… Everything now is on a fast track.

6 weeks to shredded abs, lose 2 sizes in 2 weeks, 3 weeks to a blast fat off your arms…blah blah blah. A point that James made: “Sure everything else is sped up but it STILL takes a woman 9 months for a pregnancy.”

Everyone wants everything yesterday. The mentality of honoring the long game is far gone by many.

What would you want more: be 15lbs lighter or live for another 8-12 years?

The answer for me is simple…. live longer. How to do that? Honoring the long game. It is going to take time to get to X but if you can acknowledge and appreciate the process, the mastery, and enjoy training…you’re body will be thanking you.

There are so many people out there that believe that in order to get to the body they want it needs to be FAST, expedited, and miserable.

I am a firm believer in the long game approach so when James brought this up it was like YES! A reaffirmation if you will.

To sum this up in to one concise message: “There is no fast tracking with humans. Embrace the process.”

(PS this was like in the first 20 minutes of his presentation… can you say knowledge bombs galore?!)

“Goldilocksing… not too hard, not too easy, but juuuuuust right.” – Josh Hillis and Georgie Fear
Learn more from Josh  &  Georgie !

Think about your big goals… how big are they? Do you know how you’re going to get there?

Josh and Georgie do a great job of explaining how to take a big goal and break it down in to a weekly HABIT. Why habit? Humans are creatures of habits and behaviors. The only way you are going to be something other than you are is by starting with the teeny, tiny stuff that is often brushed off.

The idea of goldilocksing is to scale down or up a habit that you are working on for the week to make it just enough of a challenge but still achievable. It’s awesome because it allows for so many options in regards to tailoring a habit for an individual on a weekly basis.

Example: I want to lose 35 lbs. I am going to work out 5x a week, track my nutrition every day, and drink all the water.

How long do you think you can maintain that? A week? A day? A morning?

Let’s start smaller and build an amazing base to build off of to reach this goal…

What if you simply started with “I am going to work out 5x this week” as your first habit?

The week goes by and you end up only working out 3x. You feel disappointed and a failure right? You said 5 but you could only hit 3… AWESOME! You made it to the gym 3 times when before you didn’t go at all!

Now for the next week we will “goldilocks” the goal to make it juuuuuust right for you. What if we say “make it to the gym 3x this week”…. That’s great! There is nothing wrong with repeating a habit to get it in place. By going to 3x for the 2nd week we know a few things… you can do it because you did it last week and it’s likely you may try for another!

“Behavioral treatment produces 8-10% weight loss in 6 months.” – Josh Hillis

What does this mean? Habits. Small changes in behaviors is going to make the best impact towards a weight loss goal. Not the no pain, no gain approach. Sure you can lose that way… but the likelihood of it staying off?


Did you notice the amount of time in the quote? 6 months… not 6 weeks, not 6 days, not 6 hours. 6 MONTHS.


Here’s a bonus one because I loved it…

“Two frogs are on a log. One decided to jump off. How many are left? TWO!” – Vickie Saunders

Moral of the story? The frog DECIDED to jump off. That doesn’t mean the frog acted on it.

To decide something and to put it in to action are two completely different things. I’ve done this numerous times in my life. I decided in my mind I was going to do something but then didn’t take any actions to create some forward momentum to get there.

What good does that do me? Not much.

When you decide in your mind what you want to do, the next step is to take 1 small action. Is your decision to start working out? Awesome! Your first action could be to get workout clothes.


Tons of information right? Well take the words from James Breese, founder of Strength Matters:

“Apply the one thing principle…” 

Take ONE thing from this post, circle it (with your eyes??), and start there. There is always so much information floating around and I am not looking to confuse you. I just want to expose you to the awesome. Take from it what works best or most applies for YOU and start there.

Send me an email telling me what your ONE thing from this post that most resonated with you!