To be strong is a mindset. Sure muscles are clearly an important part but when the mind is right, life becomes that much easier. Exercising becomes fun, not work. Eating becomes effortless, not restricted. Relationships become harmonious, not hard. Self love becomes second nature. The list goes on. Basically what I am saying is that strength is the root to many great successes that can occur in ones life.

My name is Holea. For the ease of all of you trying to pronounce my name right now it’s like Holly. Here are some quick facts on myself:

I love to deadlift.cropped-coffee.png

I am NSCA-CPT and StrongFirst Kettlebell certified.

I have a love for quoting The Office.

I wanted to be Sporty Spice when I was a kid.

I could live off of breakfast food all day everyday.

I am in the business of strength. Personally, I have been on an amazing journey with strength training. I have also seen it change the lives of others for the better. People become better spouses, friends, parents, employees, leaders, people in general….

Probably the most profound thing I have witnessed, is the impact of how strength training makes a person feel and carry themselves.

I have had many clients who have made comments throughout a session such as:

“how do I get this nasty fat off my arms?”

“I wish I could just take a fat shaver and take it all off”

“I need to lose X amount of pounds to be happy”

“I am so disgusted with myself”…… the list goes on.

It is a lot of “if I could just be X then I would be happy”. How does an individual even know that they will be happy then? Chances are once they hit that X they still won’t be happy…. there will be something else they feel they need to “fix”.

I’m not one to call people out publicly buuuuuuut I had one individual who was the absolute worst with the negative self talk and for the lack of better terms… she was a royal pain.

That person was…… ME.

5 years ago I was in one of my darkest times. There was not a single part of myself that I liked. Not ONE! If I wasn’t talking to myself about how disgusted I was, I was telling someone else. I legitimately hated who I was.

Sure I exercised at the time but it was coming from a place of punishment rather than love. It wasn’t until I accepted me as I was that very day that I was able to shift my focus from how do I fix my body to what can I do with my body. My goals became more about how much can I lift, how many pull-ups can I do, to what degree of precision can I do this movement….

Shifting the focus from what I wanted to change about my body to what I want to do with my body was a total game-changer.

This, however is just the tip of the iceberg. There was an absolute snowball effect in the benefits strength did for my self image, self worth, and self acceptance.

The journey I have been on over the past 5 years has been a total roller coaster but it keeps getting more exciting and rewarding. I have learned so much about myself and have been able to continue to grow as the days go on.

Probably the best part of my strength journey? Being able to share what I’ve learned with women every single day!

I once was asked “how do I lose 50lbs in the next 5 minutes?”. My response was simply:

“Love yourself.”

As a former self “hater”, I know the power of the mind and what it can do to the image in the mirror. The more and more you begin to accept who you are…right this moment…the way you see yourself changes. You stop seeing the flaws that once were at the forefront of your mind. Instead you see an individual who is:

Caring. Compassionate. Loveable. Strong. Beautiful. Important. Significant. Unstoppable. Iron Willed.

By definition, iron willed means… implacable determined on a course of action; very resolute.

This is how I see someone who is making the effort to know themselves and stand behind who they believe they are. Not someone who gets walked all over because they are afraid of what people will think/say about them. Not someone who speaks ill of others to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Someone who puts the effort in each and every single day to be the best “ME” they can be.

This is my passion. Helping people accept the person that they are TODAY. Not 10lbs down from now. Not 3″ down in their waist from here. TODAY.

I choose strength training simply as the tool to get people to this point.

The principles to see progression in strength training is very similar to that of self acceptance… patience, grace, consistency, dedication, and the list continues on.



In strength,