Butta is Betta!

I feel like we have all been here once or twice….aaaaa

You slice off a bit of butter and place it on the bread…then you try to spread it but it just stays together and begins to tear holes in to the bread.

For some reason, you keep trying to spread it out by taking smaller swipes at it and trying to cover the bread one square cm at a time.

You finally deem the bread to be as good as it is going to get and you take a super unsatisfying bite. Sound familiar?

Let’s take a look at this approach….. taking something (the butter) when it’s not ready (too cold) and trying to apply it to something else (the bread) that isn’t strong enough to take it at this time or ever in it’s current state.

Had it been toast… there may have been a chance. But in this case…no such luck.


How often has this been your approach to a nutrition or exercise goal? You take something on that isn’t quite for you (now or ever) and keep at it until you are left broken and worn down.

A lot? Fear not! There is hope…and dare I say it…a solution!!

Ready for it? Rather than trying harder….why not come up with a better plan?

If we go back to the butter and bread scenario…you could continue to try as hard as you wish to spread the butter but without a very important factor (time), the butter would remain as is. However, if you decided to come up with a better plan… you could easily warm up the butter to soften it OR use peanut butter.

Weird right?! Modify the approach or change it and try something else.

I know this is some advance shit right here and I hope you can stay with me.

We live in a world that says: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

But what about this?

If at first you don’t succeed, come up with a better plan.

It’s obvious that if you continued to TRY and spread the butter, there would be nothing but crumbs left. BUT if you stopped to come up with something else, you’d be able to enjoy the bread in one piece.

Apply this to a nutrition and/or exercise goal you have for yourself. Have you tried over and over again to lose those last 10lbs only to find yourself back where you started or further behind? Do you think that maybe it’s because you have been trying the same thing over and over again expecting something different each time?

For some reason you become mad and upset about this when really if you stopped and looked at the chain of events leading us up to this point it would be pretty obvious. Ignorance is bliss though… facing the truth is quite the opposite.

Ok, so now what? You have realized that you have been doing the same thing expecting different results and I just broke the news that you need to do something else.

What does that even look like?! Well, that I don’t know because it is your goal. You are a smart and capable human being. I trust that being equipped with the knowledge of seeking a different plan is enough for you at this time.

Question things. Question approaches. Question. Question. Question!

Don’t be another casualty by being lead blind because you don’t want to take ownership over your life. Putting hundreds of dollars in someone else’s pocket to tell you what to do isn’t going to solve it for you. Deciding what you want and seeking out the specialist to help guide you there is what is going to offer you GREAT success.

Please stop trying so hard my friends. Come up with a better plan and get after it!



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