5 things NOT to eat when trying to get LEAN

So you’re looking to get lean huh? Ready for the list that will get you there in a *snap*?

Here it is…. 5 things NOT to eat when trying to get LEAN:

  1. Foods that make you feel like shit before/during/after you eat them (physically and emotionally)
  2. Anything that leaves you hungry and unsatisfied
  3. Foods you force yourself to eat that you don’t like  but it’s on the “plan” you’re following
  4. Foods that aren’t nutrient dense just because the calories are low
  5. Any packaged/processed food that claims to be better than REAL DAMN FOOD

Pretty simple right? Not what you were expecting? Good.

That’s how it should be.

I use to be that person who would try to follow someone else’s meal plan. I would crush it the first 2 days and then slowly dwindle with my compliance. I’d grow madder and madder as the days of me failing the “diet” far outnumbered the days I crushed it.

Instead of thinking, “hey, this just isn’t for me.” I’d be determined to make it work.

The thing is…. It won’t. That plan wasn’t made for me. Nor anytime have I had a meal plan done up for me specifically have I been able to comply for much longer than a week.

That’s not me. I love food.

Waaaaaay too much to have to weigh things out, count my macros, and meal prep for days.

I had a revelation last spring…. I don’t care enough about what my body looks like to change the way I eat to get leaner. I care way more about making sure my body gets what it needs to perform at the level I want it to.

Want to know a secret?

I actually love my body. This is huge for me after 5 years of hard work turning myself from someone who would look in the mirror and cry to someone who looks in the mirror just to check herself out… Just kidding. (or am I?)

Is it like that every day? No, but majority of the days? Yes!

No matter what you want to do to change your body… get leaner, gain muscle, put weight on, etc… it needs to come from a place of love. If you are doing things to change your body from a place of hate, it is going to be a long, frustrating road just to get back to where you started.

…Still unsatisfied with your body.

If you didn’t love your body when you started, why on earth would you love it when you get to whatever your goal is?

The fastest way to start seeing a beautiful and strong person in the mirror is to get right in the mind… Like I mentioned above, it starts with accepting and loving yourself today.

Now I know the list above wasn’t exactly what you were looking for but here’s the real list to get you LEAN:

  1. Love your body TODAY just as it is
  2. Embrace life by ENJOYING it fully
  3. Appreciate and acknowledge what your body does for you on a daily basis
  4. Notice how foods make you feel and experiment what works best for you!

Stay LEAN my friends.