Here’s what people are saying….


“Overwhelmingly I’m at this rut in my life where I feel completely lost with myself, off track with what I know I’m capable of. Working with Holea dug up emotions I had stored up for so long, not realizing how it has been effecting myself worth and purpose. Not to mention my fitness and nutrition.

I can’t express how grateful I am to Holea for providing me the tools to improve my fitness and nutrition but most importantly for helping me uncover those feelings I had stored away for so long.  I have a lot to work on but I don’t feel overwhelmed because of the tools and support I have!    #ironSHARPensiron

-Murphy N.

“It was her drive and passion that really inspired me, she wasn’t there to promote another outlandish way of living, she wasn’t there to criticize, or make you feel “her way or the highway”.  Holea was there to inspire and guide you to be tailored to your true self, she was willing to bring everyone along on this journey and build a team to inspire others. Holea gave me the tools, support, and guidance needed to make a plan and I was the one making the plan.

It wasn’t a cookie cutter mold; this plan was made by me for only me.

 I had a solid foundation and the fire I never knew I was looking for. I had goals written down and the support that if for some reason one day or morning I did not achieve one of those goals that I always had the next day or the afternoon to get back on track.  I also had the tools needed to get back on track that was made simple so I did not have to wear myself out emotionally to get there. I walked forward with a sustainable path and a tribe of people to continue to fuel that fire.  I am beyond fueled to continue to work with Holea in MY continued journey to my absolute best self.”

-Ashley S.

“I was stuck…in more ways than I realized! I have worked out consistently for a number of years, but my nutrition just wasn’t in sync! I learned several tips and small steps to get me back on track and discovered things that were getting in my way that I wasn’t even aware of. Being with a group of women that supported each other and although very different – sharing the same struggles put everything into perspective… we are all human!

Holea is a fabulous facilitator! She truly has found her passion and has embraced her beliefs, knowledge, education, and self-worth to help others achieve their goals and develop a positive self image!”

-Missy B.