Sorry I’m not sorry my legs make you uncomfortable

All my life I have been ashamed of my legs.

They were too big. Shapeless. And didn’t fit in to a pair of jeans to save my life.legs

“Holea, you know that when you stop lifting your legs are going to turn in to fat right?” – says the boy who’s legs put together equated one of mine…I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on his face of disgust as he looked at my bare legs.

“It’s about time those legs came in handy for you!” – said the girl I hadn’t seen since graduation who was commenting on my recent lifting video I posted.

“You should come to aerobics with me to help lengthen out those leg muscles of yours…” – said the loving person in my life who I’m sure meant well.


I have always had people become extremely uncomfortable with the size of my legs and derriere.  This led to me having somewhat of a complex about them. I would dream of having smaller legs that people would stop looking at. I’d look in the mirror and cry that they were so B I G!

That was until I started practicing the art of gratitude. I became so thankful that my legs were able to allow me to do what I love… LIFT!

I started competing in powerlifting. All of a sudden I started getting compliments from people telling me my legs had great shape! Um THANK YOU!

I finally had surrounded myself with people who had an appreciation for muscles! All of the comments above came from people who don’t lift… they may exercise like running or aerobics but that was all.

Lifting is so scary… it turns you in to the hulk right? YIKE!

I want to blast that misconception in to a bajillion pieces here and now.

Being a woman that lifts does NOT mean:

  • You’ll look like a man
  • All the muscle you gain will turn to fat once you stop lifting (as if not lifting will ever happen…)
  • You will instantly have the body you’ve dreamt of pre lifting
  • It will be easy

What it does mean is:

  • You will learn to love your body for what it can do.
  • You are confident.
  • You are taking care of yourself to be the best mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, etc you can be.
There are so many awesome physical benefits that come along with lifting… making people uncomfortable with the size of your quads is just one…. but the type of character you build from it is even more rewarding.

Sorry I’m not sorry my legs make people uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable the better.

To those people… here is my message to you:

This is me. This is my body that I love. I know that comments people make to others has to do with their own insecurities and that is OK!

I’d love to be assistance to you by being a strong, female role model to those who have listened to comments like yours and have become extremely self conscious.

I will teach them that strong is beautiful. No matter the shape.

I will teach them that they don’t have to justify what they do for their body because it is different than what you do.

I will teach them that people can’t keep their eyes on their “own paper” and get after others for things they don’t want to work on about themselves.

Confidence is contagious. We will no longer feed in to your negativity.

People aren’t going to listen to you anymore.

Stop being a bully because of your own ignorance.