What Happened When I Stopped Counting Calories…

When I stopped counting calories…

The earth stopped turning.

My life turned upside down.

I was purposeless!!!!


Just kidding.


Actually? I felt AMAZING!

Because I started listening to my body’s natural hunger/fullness cues.

Because I started discovering which combinations of foods kept me full enough until the next meal.

Because I started LIVING!

Don’t get me wrong… calories is a valid way to get to a body composition goal. BUT, I am all about living and counting calories/macros/etc was preventing me from doing so. After years and years of focusing on my nutrition through tracking/weighing/measuring… I’ve come to the conclusion that was just not the method for me.

At all.

Soooooo obviously I just needed to try a little bit harder, right?


Time for a new plan! I began going with what my body wanted. I had been learning a lot about how the body sends signals when doing physical exercise of what movements it likes better than others and I thought… well obviously my body can do a very similar thing with eating/foods.

What a concept huh?!

Listen to what my body needs. Act. Repeat.

Wellllll it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. It takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

You’ll find quickly what does and doesn’t work. You’ll find that old ways of eating slip right back in from time to time. You’ll discover that some skills involved take longer than others.

And thats OK! It’s all apart of the beautiful process.

If we look at the big picture… food will ALWAYS be apart of your life. Always. If you are able to develop the skills to eat for a lifetime that allows you to attain body composition goals you want, allows you to have treats and goodies without guilt, and do so effortlessly…wouldn’t you say it’s worth the time and practice?

“Just like the habitual dieter, they never have the time or money to do it right the first time, but they always have the time and money to do it again.” – Simon Sinek

Get off the ICKY (I Can’t Keep Yodeling….get it…up and down? It was worth a shot.) cycle:

restrictive diet –> binge –> guilt –> repeat

Restrictive diets will come and go…new ones will come out every year. But your body will ALWAYS tell you the same few things:

  • hunger
  • fullness
  • enjoyment

Do you want to learn how to listen to your body? Try just starting with hunger. Can you recall a time you last felt legit, belly-centered hunger? Not a headache. Not tired. Not bored. Hunger.

Getting in touch with that natural signal again if it has been awhile can bring extreme awareness. This will tell you whether what you are eating is keeping you satiated or not.

At first, it may be uncomfortable. Just sit with it for a bit. Understand that being hungry will NOT hurt you nor is it an emergency. Maybe you try 10 minutes…then 20… 25? Up to an hour? Just make sure that feeling you are getting is in your tum-tum.


Shifting from a calculator telling me what to eat to my body telling me what to eat has honestly been one of the best things I have done for myself. Food and I had a very damaged relationship. And now?

We love each other again! When that is the truth in your life… living becomes so much easier.



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