The Art to the 5 Minute Training Session

Ok, so you have 5 minutes and one decision to make:

Flip through the Facebook news feed OR move.

One may think… what could I possibly do in 5 minutes that would be considered a workout?

My question to you then is what could you possibly accomplish in 5 minutes of Facebook stalking?

5 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time… because it isn’t BUT you can certainly maximize those 5 minutes to be able to:

  • Get some blood pumping
  • Potentially break a sweat
  • Activate some sleeping muscles
  • Take a mental break

For some reason there is a belief that “workouts” are suppose to be cram packed with exercises, completed in a very quick fashion, and suppose to leave you feeling like crap. Well I just don’t agree with this for many reasons…

It takes away from the beauty of the quality of work done. I am a technique junkie always striving to be able to perform a movement to the best of my ability. Anyone that I train can vouch that taking the time to work on a couple technique things instead of rushing off to the next exercise is the route I will take pretty much every time.

There is no progression…there is just stuff. In order to be able to do the fun and flashy exercises, the basics need to be dialed in first. Sure you can do a bunch of exercises 70% correct and get sweaty but if you could slow down, learn the movement, and get more muscles recruited to do the work wouldn’t that be considered the best “bang for you buck”?

Training sessions are suppose to leave you feeling good and energized. Is there a time and place to push the limits and get uncomfortable in your training? YES! But it doesn’t need to be every. single. time. Why? Because you are training your body to suffer. You are training your body to chase that feeling of a butt kicking. Training sessions should be designed to build on one another so that your body remembers success. It remembers what hard work can be but not to failure all the time. That is flat out exhausting!

5 minutes can offer you an AMAZING training session if it is planned out and has purpose. There are tons of tools you can use… your body, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, TRX, med balls, a hill….do you want me to keep going?

As far as how to format a quick training session, set and rep schemes such as ladders, super sets, drop sets, and timed sets are great ways to maximize the time. You can get a lot of quality work in on an exercise doing one of those stated.

In 5 minutes, you are obviously not going to be working up to a heavy weight but that’s not the point of the 5 minutes. It’s to move.

It is very likely that the 5 minutes are spent on 1 or 2 exercises and guess what… thats ok!!!! That’s actually ideal because it takes us back to the point made about quality!


Have 5 minutes today? Try this bodyweight training session!

Set a timer for 5 minutes.


5 squats, rest as needed, 10 squats, rest as needed, 15 squats

3 pushups, rest as needed, 5 pushups, rest as needed, 8 pushups, rest as needed

Do all sets of squats before going to the sets of pushups. Continue alternating all squat sets and all pushup sets until the 5 minutes are up. Focus on technique of the exercises, not just going through the motions of getting the reps in.

In your squat, be sure to push back in to your hips and keep the weight in your heals.

In your pushup, be sure to press from the outside of your hands and to maintain a tight body by squeezing your quads, butt, and abs.


Happy training!