Have you ever been around a person who just seem to have everything together?

Hair is always on point…Clothes are always trendy…Nails the interview…Movement is graceful…


And for some reason you can’t help but just want to be them?


All of a sudden you have all of the inadequacies you find about yourself.

I’m not good enough for this…I need to dress better…I need to “try” harder…


So you do. You start putting in the time and making changes towards being that person and you are left still feeling the same as before…

Inadequate. Not enough. Worthless. Just another ripple.


So why even try anymore right? Obviously everything you have been doing hasn’t added up enough to make a difference.




Just because things don’t come easy to you doesn’t mean you don’t amount to anything.


The biggest difference between you and that person who only has to give 50% effort?

You know how to work hard for what you want. By looking up to someone who only knows how to rely on gifts and 50%, it’s no wonder you are left feeling empty…you will have hit your ceiling. You are in pursuit of getting to a level of only needing to give 50%. Where is this going to take you?


Many of us were put on this earth to be the ones…the broken ones… the unqualified individuals.


But the difference between you and that person who only needs to give 50%?


You are being equipped. Equipped to make a difference. Equipped to do great things. Equipped with how to show up every day and give 100% effort. Equipped with the knowledge that 100% is subjective and will change day to day.

“It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to give bread, broken bread to give strength.”

Being “broken” is an opportunity… an opportunity for growth. Embrace the challenges. Don’t shy away from things that force you to have to work hard and test your strength.

These are the very things that will transform you.