Where’s Your Head At?

I want you to stop for a moment and be 100% with me here…

Let’s think of a person in your life who is always there to back you up. Always excited for you when you have great news. Always there to help walk you through the not so great news. Pretty much you could call them your greatest cheerleader.

Have you got that person?

Good. Now how does that person make you feel?

Perhaps, your guard is always down…perhaps, you feel at ease, comfortable, confident, worthy, and/or equal.

That person has IT.

An abundance mindset. They understand a key thing in life that eliminates a boat load of stress…they understand that there is enough space for EVERYONE to do great things.

They are the few in this world that see others as equals… same level playing field. If there are so few, what is the rest of the world doing?

They are stuck in the mindset of scarcity. That there in fact is NOT enough to go around. They need to have the best promotions, the best vehicle upgrades, the latest and greatest technology, and be the first to have them all.

When your head is in the scarcity mode, you feel like you can’t share exactly how you got from A to B. You  keep all the info to yourself. Basically you go back to the days of being a 3 year old who just WON’T share with the other kids.

I was just at the park the other day watching a large group of kids play. One kid was madder than hell for some reason and stomped off to go sit on the edge. This kid couldn’t handle the fact that there were other kids that could do the same or better than him. He likely felt insecure, embarrassed, and no longer wanted to share with the other kids.

Fast forward that situation to the work setting today… maybe a coworker got recognized for doing something exceptionally well. The kid from above would be the one smiling to show he was “happy” for the coworker but inside was mad, judging, and contemplating why he even tries anymore because he doesn’t get recognized anyways.

Meanwhile there is another person who is genuinely happy for the coworker because they KNOW just how hard that person has been working and they think it is great when other people succeed.

(That person that would piss that not so happy coworker off even more… I KNOW you know what I’m talking about…)


Sound familiar?

I’ve felt this plenty of times. I didn’t like being mad all the time. So I made a change.

I made a change to embody what it was to have an abundance mindset. It boils down to a few key things:

  • Be Confident – in yourself and in the abilities of others to succeed as well.
  • Give unconditionally – your knowledge, your talents, your skills, advice, praise, and love with out the expectation of getting something back in return or all the credit.
  • Be Positive – by being quick to listen and slow to speak. Speak and think ONLY things you desire to be true. There is no room for gossip, speaking ill, or casting untruthful judgements on others.

It will be difficult at first. Some people won’t understand what you are trying to do. Some may think you are “up to something” or  “out to get them” as they are still in the mindset of scarcity. Carry on anyways. Your intentions are well and the outcomes with time will be too.

Embrace abundance and life will give back to you twice as much as you give.


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