Who Cares How Much You Can Lift?

Who cares how much you can lift if you can’t even make it up the stairs without dropping a lung?

Who cares how much you can lift if 7 minutes of crawling fatigues you for the rest of the day?

Who cares how much you can lift if you can’t enjoy your favorite hobbies like hiking?


So it’t pretty obvious I am talking about myself here… but honestly…

I got straight up humbled the other day! I joined Louka Kurcer’s 6 weeks of crawling programming and did the first day right after my morning coffee. And let me tell you…….I am feeling it! Just from crawling?? Yes. Crawling.

I have had the training pendulum swung way far to one side… max strength. I had neglected any sort of bodyweight exercises and conditioning for the past year. Sure I could lift more than I had ever before when it came to squat, bench, and deadlift but what I couldn’t do was go up the stairs at my apartment without breathing heavy…like really heavy. I couldn’t go on a simple hike without needing to stop multiple times. I got my ass kicked by crawling….

Lifting heavy stuff is something I advocate and always will. However, there needs to be balance. Being able to move your own body weight in things such as pushups and pull-ups is something I feel like people should absolutely strive towards as well as getting the blood pumping and a good sweat with some conditioning. Sure some of the stuff isn’t as glamorous as the double body weight deadlift and the wicked overhead press but it is necessary!

Fitness is suppose to enhance your everyday living. When it begins to take away due to the lack of balance, there needs to be a shift. Cardiovascular training has definitely caught its bad rap over the years but it doesn’t have to be the traditional long, slow, and steady training that many dread.

What if combining strength and conditioning together you get a beautiful cardiovascular reaction?

Unless you are training for a specific event in which your training is swung to one end of the training spectrum, finding balance between strength training and cardiovascular training is going to keep you injury free, feeling good, and a well-rounded, trained individual.

Tools in conjunction with a strength based training program to help you stay well-rounded:

  • Walking!
    • Probably one of my most favorite forms of cardiovascular training.
  • Crawling
    • For real… check out Louka Kurcer’s page on Facebook and get crawling!
  • Kettlebells
    • Kettlebells are by far my favorite tool to use for a best bang for your buck training session. 1 kettlebell and 20 minutes is all you need to Sweatyville and gains.
  • Hills
    • Walk them, run them, crawl them… whatever you fancy! Hills are a fantastic low impact resource to use to get a killer cardiovascular training session in.


The above tools are great add ins to an already sound strength training program. To be  honest, when the two get put together you get some killer results.


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