Why Injuries Don’t Always Suck

Injuries happen… some of them are preventable, others just happen! Fortunately there are ways to still see progress when you feel “limited”.

1- Focus on an area that maybe has been neglected for some time or try something you’ve always done in a new way.

Injuries obviously don’t allow you to work up to a new personal best but they do allow you to work areas that often times are left for the dust because they aren’t as fun/sexy/cool.

Last summer I dislocated my shoulder in an EPIC cliff climbing expedition!! Just kidding, it was wake surfing (leave it to me…) Anyways, I was in a sling for I can’t even remember how many weeks. During this time I took it as an opportunity to work on an area I ALWAYS neglect…trunk work.

I was able to do tons of movements for my abs lying on my back.

I was also able to work on some lower body things my body hadn’t seen in some time because it’s pretty typical to keep doing things you enjoy doing and that you’re good at.

Unless it was a random, sudden injury like mine, chances are you have an injury based on things you haven’t trained in some time. What does that look like?

Well let’s say all of a sudden you start waking up with an achey shoulder. Nothing specifically happened that you can recall. This is a clear indicator that you have been over compensating for a weak area in your body.

Well rounded training, no matter how “boring” some parts can be, will keep you going strong for a long time. Use this time to work on areas you’ve been neglecting. Need help figuring out what needs some work to stay injury free? Shoot me an email and I’ll walk you through how to find the weak spots!

You’re only as strong as your weakest link right?

When you have an injury, work within your current limits but get creative!!

**With all this being said, follow through on an specified rehab movements from a doctor/PT and respect the healing time given to you.**


2- Perfect chance to work on a nutritional goal.

How many times have you heard yourself say, “Eh I lifted today, I can have that extra helping.”???

Exercise for some has become something that leaves wiggle room to be able to eat more. Instead of actually addressing certain habits when it comes to eating, people will use exercise to “make up” for extra calories/treats/etc.

Well now there is an injury! Uh oh!! Now what?!

It’s time to be an adult!

Take the time to work on specific nutritional goals/habits. If you you can relate to exercise = more food, then focusing on eating just enough until you can start to pick up your activity again could be a great starting place.

What does this mean? Well it means… eat just enough. Not overstuffed. Not underfed. Eat just enough to last you to the next meal that is 4 hours-ish later.

This is just one example of something to work on… it could be eating more protein, drinking more water, etc.

All I am saying is that even though you feel restricted in one area, it can actually elicit big progress in other areas by the power of focusing on ONE THING!


3- An opportunity to practice a proactive mentality.

It’s super easy to fall victim to a circumstance when an injury is involved. “Great, now I can’t do ANYTHING!”

Funny thing is though that unless you are on unconscious, there is SOMETHING that you can be doing.  Mindset is probably one of the things that gets left to the very last the most often.

How easy would it be to just fall victim to your circumstance and let it take over you? Pretty easy. That’s why so many people do it.

Remember that YOU are in control of your emotions… not other people. Not circumstances. Not the weather. YOU!

An injury unfortunately may be the thing that brings you to opening the door to the ooey-gooey world of mindset/personal development but hey… it needed to happen somehow!

If the items in this article were in order of importance, I would have put this one first but can’t say it would get as many reads. Shying away from something that is going to make you uncomfortable is obviously not something I want to start off with… 🙂

An injury is what it is… an injury. It doesn’t define you.

Get in the mindset of abundance and look at what an injury could open the door to! You may be surprised!



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